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Viva! TV

Viva! creates films to educate and inform people about the animal cruelty involved in factory farming. We would like as many people as possible to see our films, if you would like to display them on your website please use the code given. Thank you!

Martin Shaw and Viva! fight for ducks
Viva! patron and actor, Martin Shaw, has joined forces with us to narrate this powerful short film; with footage from Viva!’s undercover filming over the last decade.

The Wonderful World of Gavage
This film shows the reality of foie-gras production and how the industry justifies cruelty.

Fight for Life
Viva!’s Tenth Anniversary film.

The Mother Cage
This film goes undercover to reveal the disgusting nature of pig-breeding in the UK.

Dishing the Dirt
Why meat is dirty, diseased and dangerous.

Ducks out of Water
Undercover footage showing the conditions of factory farmed ducks in UK farms.

Killing for Kicks
The Commercial Killing of Kangaroos for meat and leather - this video show the reality of the trade.

Not in my Name
Ten celebrities - including Paul McCartney, Joanna Lumley, Martin Shaw and Chrissie Hynde - speak from the heart to condemn factory farming. Contains powerful undercover footage. Brilliant for persuading cynics and doubters.

Undercover footage of the conditions in which turkeys are reared on six farms - including two of the UK’s biggest producers. The video shows overcrowded sheds, dead and dying birds, animals with gaping wounds, birds with one half of their beak removed and cannibalism.

The Dark Side of Dairy
This film uncovers the hidden cruelty of the dairy industry.

Heather Mills Talks About Why She Supports Viva!

Heather Mills Investigates the Farrowing Crate
Filmed in March 2007, Heather Mills joins Viva! for some top-secret under cover filming on a UK pig farm!






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