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Green Lines
Poems & Ditties By You

Green Lines Poetry Competition

Want to wax lyrical about anything veggie? Put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write a poem about anything related to Viva!, saving animals or the world or all three. It could be a happy or funny poem about going veggie/vegan or passionate lines fighting animal cruelty. Let your creative side flow.

You could win a goodie bag worth £20 (top prize), £15, £10 or £5 (runner ups). This is an ongoing comp where we will choose winners each month. Your poem may be printed and may go up here on the web. You need to be under 18 to enter.

The (not many) rules and regs!

  1. The poem can be any length, any style.
  2. Post your entry to: Green Lines Poetry Comp, Viva!, 8 York Court, Wilder St, Bristol BS2 8QH or email it to along with your name, address and date of birth.
  3. Winners will be chosen in two categories – under 12s and 12-17s.

Good luck!

Winning Poems

March 2014

I'm Only a Cow by Tess Lynch of Bedlington, Northumberland.

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May 2013

Sesame Street by Moni, 14 of London.

Read May's winning poem

January 2013

MURDER by Livi Livesey, 14 of Mark, Somerset.

Read January's winning poem

June 2012

Veggie Through the Years by Orly Akram, 13 from Stroud.

Read June's winning poem

May 2012

Which way will you go? by Neve Akram, 11 from Stroud.

Read May's winning poem

April 2012

Faces by Stephanie Birdsall, 18 from Chelmsford.

Read April's winning poem

March 2012

From Pigs to You by Rosie Scott, 15 from Grimsby.

Read March's winning poem

September/October 2011

From Sweet to Meat by Tallulah Howarth, 10 from Macclesfield.

Read September/October's winning poem

January 2011

Viva! by Ollie Rodriguez-Dolman, 10 from Chippenham.

Read January's winning poem

December 2010

My Surprise by Moni, 11 from London.

Read December's winning poem


Congratulations to Clare Godwin, 16 of Belvedere, Kent for this passionate, excellent poem

In the End

In the end it will be them who fall
They with blood on their hands
Those blinded by greed
Those who don't care of the suffering of others
Those who laugh at another’s pain
Those who lie
They will be the ones to fall

Never again will they be able to make a profit
Not through theft
Not through pain
Not through abuse
Not through murder
Not by spilling blood
Not by destroying their world
Not by torturing other beings
Not by poisoning their own

They are the ones who laugh at the idea
Laugh at pain
Laugh at suffering
Laugh at death
They are the ones who ignore the screams
The screams of the tortured
The screams of the hungry
The screams of the dying

One by one they will turn to ash
Each corrupt group will burn
The sources of their greed will burn
Their hated for those who seek peace will provide the fuel
The love of a nation will ignite the flames
And they will burn
They will die a slow death
They will know that the false reality they weaved was gone
They will know that the people found out
They will know that they killed billions for greed

In the end
They will be the ones who fall
They who profit from death
They who profit from abuse
They who profit from slavery
They will not survive any longer
We will not let them kill any longer
We creep into the hearts and minds of citizens
We show them the cold truth
We break the fantasy world they weaved
We will end their reign of terror


Cannibalist by Dianna Fearon, age 16.

Cannibalism that’s what it is
I was just like you a murder in bliss

I stopped it. Three years now. No chickens, pigs or merciful cows.
It wasn’t hard at all to do,
What’s harder is now watching you.
You munch, you crunch
You gobble it down in disgust
Your filthy and sick to not realise there one of us
They think,
They breathe,
They drink
They eat
They need our support and love
Not a butchers knife and hungry tums.

Cannibalism that’s what this is
We are animals too, homosapiens
This is not how were meant to live.
Electrocuting hens to lay
Intensive farming of pigs,
with limited food and space.
This is how they suffer and get disease
And then you contaminate your body with the meat.
I wonder how you don’t hear them cry
As your sausages sizzle and fry
This I cannot understand
Will the meat eating ever end.

Cannibalism that’s what it is
A daily ignorance of the life we live
Cannibalism, when you’re an animal too
Do you deny my logic?
Is that true . . . . .
You would not eat your own brother.
So why eat a poor calf’s mother.
If I can do it,
So can you,
Because meat eating will be the death of them
And slowly but surely the death of you.


Our September winner is Lucy Starbuck, 16, of Melton Mowbray.

Dear Humanity

You make me sick,
You heartless prick,
What have you done?
Just pass me the gun.
You shot that Cow,
I don’t know how,
If you have a heart,
Now you’ll fall apart.
You make me sad,
Are you really mad?
You march for murder,
You support slaughter.
That Pig had children,
But now she’s barren.
That Hen was a beauty,
Now she’s neglected duty.
Because we are powerful,
We are responsible.
We have failed,
We should be jailed,
We are cruel,
You are a fool.


August winner for Green Lines poetry is Rosie Tucker, 13 of Bexhill-On-Sea

A Different Point of View

Geese and hens,
Sheep and cows,
All waiting for the bitter end,
Crying and crying for their young,
Always trying but always failing,
They can’t use there tongues,
To make us understand,
The harm we are doing to the human race,
And also to our very own land,
Turning veggie isn’t hard,
Maybe turn vegan, give it a try,
Give support like you would sending a ‘get well’ card,
Animals don’t understand what’s going on,
So take their side in this human battle,
Doing something is more right than wrong.


This powerful poem by Ruby is our July winner. Ruby has been sent £40 of Viva! goodies.

Humans v Animals

By Ruby Bigden, age 12 of Bexhill-on-sea

I have seen you walking round your pens,
From cows to donkeys,
Geese to hens.
The pain you experience is difficult to accept,
For what you see,
Humans should regret.
The hundreds and thousands that just watch and stare,
At you as you pace round,
Giving no glare.
If you spoke English I wonder what we’d think,
I hope we would cry,
For our hearts would sink.
Why can’t animals and humans unite?
Into one big world,
Share our sights.
I wish people would see just what I can see,
Believe the truth of what happens,
Change it and make history.
Why is it we can think twice about a story,
But when real life approaches,
We feel obliged to deny.
So I’m sorry for horses, geese and cows,
For what we do is little of help,
But we will win somehow.
It’s a war to decide how our future unwinds,
So let’s just make a start,
And see what we find.


June’s winning poem, by Alice Walker

Ways to save the world

By Alice Walker, 14 of Bicester

The world as we know it is rapidly fading,
The people we know and love are wading,
In the corruption born through murder and hate,
How can we let this go further?

The pigs as clever as some of us,
They know when their time is coming.
Watching their peers become dust,
The end is quickly looming.

The cows are under pressure,
To over-produce and differ,
Their natural state is changing,
Their lives are being ruined.

There are ways to save the world.

Humans are the superior race,
They hold such power and grace.
They hold the key to the end of life,
Everything balances on the edge of a knife.

Vegetarianism converts our very existence,
From inhumanity and despair,
To worthwhile euphoria from our excellent persistence,
So why let those go to waste?

To make a stand and show pure passion,
In a most up-to-date and orderly fashion,
Can be the priority of the superior race,
If only everyone went through life at a similar pace.

It’s not like vegetarians live the hard life,
You’re not giving things up, you’re making things right.
A veggie’s diet is varied and cool,
A healthier option so don’t be a fool.

Things get easier when you’re a veggie,
Cancers aborted,
Diseases abolished,
The weight of the world removed from your shoulders.

So when the chance to save the world,
Stares you right in the face,
Grasp it with both hands,
Before it’s too late.


Don’t Eat Meat

By Heidi Stephenson, © May 2010

Don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat
That animal once had eyes and feet
And ears and nose and front legs too
And felt things, just like me and you

A lump of flesh on your plate now
There are baby pigs who miss that sow
Who cry at night with broken hearts
Their dear old mum now chopped in parts

Don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat
That creature had a pulse which beat
And knew Earth’s pains; her pleasures few
Yet prized her life, just as we do

Now sizzling in some person’s pan
Killed for the gluttony of man
Who of himself a graveyard makes
And someone’s sacred breath just takes

Don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat
Your brothers and sisters always treat
With loving kindness, gentle care
Because they too this planet share

And weren’t just born for human use
For fear and pain and cruel abuse
Such arrogance of the human race
To think they have a special place

In Mother Nature’s warm embrace
That never really was the case
All equal in the Law Divine
Each blessed and precious; here to shine

So don’t eat meat, please don’t eat meat
If there’s a face, it’s there to greet.









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